Work on Canalplan

I was going to be scanning and OCRing a lot of the old Mintball blogs over the past week but we’ve been working on moving Canalplan over to HTTPS.. With Firefox and other browsers getting more and more critical of non SSL sites and Google basically saying that they intend to basically push non SSL sites down their search rankings, plus them making it quite clear that adverts on non SSL sites would attract less money, it seemed that it was time to do the work to move over to SSL.

I’d already done the work needed to get these blogs working with Let’s Encrypt so making the adjustments to the server configuration to allow us to implement SSL for Canalplan wasn’t that hard.

Nick is now working on moving everything over to HTTPS… there are a few problems to work through like how to handle sites that do not support connections over HTTPS but we’re getting there


Well the front cabin and the Galley are pretty much painted now. We still need to do the radiator pipes and some touch up work but it is looking so much better.

We do have a leak in the roof caused by the fact that the rope ring in the roof is pulling loose because the mooring jetty we, and the next boat, are on is shorter than the boat so we use the ring to secure the front. But the jetty is falling apart and so the next boat is actually tied to our boat rope so there is quite some pull on the rope, especially given how damned fast MOST boats come past the moorings at. Its a sodding canal, not a bloody motorway. If you need to be in Nantwich tonight then go by car!

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