A Hatful of rain

From New Marton Bottom Lock No 2 to Povey's Lock No 13, a distance of 21 miles, ¼ flg and 7 locks.

It basically rained on and off over night, sometimes loud enough to wake us up, and as daylight increased I lay in the bunk listening to the rain and hoped that it would die down

It had backed off a little by the time we cast off but that didn’t last long and we battled through the rain before giving up and stopping for about a hour, without having made it to Frankton Junction, in a vain hope that things might improve and we could dry out a little.

We set off after the break with less rain but more of a breeze which really didn’t make for pleasant boating at all.

From time to time the rain would stop and hopes would rise that maybe it was done for the day but it just kept coming back.

Luckily by the time we reached Grindley Brook Visitor Moorings (above locks) the rain had finally stopped so we didn’t get wet working through the staircase or the lower locks.

We stopped for the night and Nick walked down to the Willeymoor Lock Tavern to see if they had table – which they did. So we spent the evening in the pub enjoying their simple home cooked food and their beer – which was good but a restricted range due to Covid. Given the time of the year and the situation there were quite a few people in the pub and it was good to actually be sociable with other people.

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