Skirting round Manchester

From Junction with former Moss Hall and Ince Hall Collieries Branch to Timperley Bridge No 33, a distance of 22 miles, 6¼ flg and 6 locks.

Alastair joined us. Had coffee at Joan and Cliff McKnight’s, then on down the flight. Dropped Alastair at Abram. On through Leigh. Anglers have rods big enough for sharks. Ate at Ferguson’s Steak Bar in Sale. Moored for night opposite Timperley Station. Very, very wet on and off all day

West Pennines and Wigan

From Grimshaw Park Bridge No 101 to Junction with former Moss Hall and Ince Hall Collieries Branch, a distance of 20 miles, 3¼ flg and 30 locks.

Blackburn and Johnson’s Hillock Locks. Watered and shopped in Blackburn. Had pump out and re-fuel at L & L Cruisers .
Shirley, Bill, Alastair and Jennifer joined us for Wigan Flight.

Worked to half way down then moored after Lock 17. Afternoon hot and sunny.

Groundings, Rubbish and no fuel

From Foulridge Tunnel (southwestern entrance) to Grimshaw Park Bridge No 101, a distance of 24 miles, 5½ flg and 7 locks.

Ran aground in Nelson, then plastic bag round prop: Then ran
out of fuel near Church. Reg 1 said we most have leaked a lot.

Moored before Blackburn looks. Weather cold again.

  1. Engineer from Anderton Marina

In and out of Leeds

From Kirkstall Pipe Bridge to Rodley Water Pipe Crossing Bridge, a distance of 8 miles, 4¾ flg and 20 locks.

On to Leeds. Worked Locks with Pennine Explorer from Coles Morton Wigan. Shopped in Leeds. Boys went train spotting, and Nicholas bought enormous electronic ”thing”.

Turned on River Aire, then back up locks to moor for night on outskirts of Rodley.

No change in weather.

Down towards Leeds

From Milking Hall Swing Bridge No 184 to Kirkstall Pipe Bridge, a distance of 21 miles, 5½ flg and 22 locks.

Lots of tricky swing bridges. Watered and souped at top of Bingley Five Rise. Worked our way down with very helpful keeper. Very spectacular. Then Bingley 3 Rise. Moored for night near Kirkstall.


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