Up the Flight

From Trencherfield Mill Arm to Walton Summit Branch Junction, a distance of 11 miles, 4 flg and 23 locks.

Bought own windlass. Carl joined us at Britannia Bridge No 53 and worked up Wigan Flight with us. Left as at New Springs. On to Red Rock for tea, where Muriel and Grandad came to inspect us.
Firmly aground. Moored for night at bottom of Johnson’s Hillock Locks Sunny and warm.

Trans-Pennine Adventure

Our second boating holiday was a bit more adventurous – a two week holiday to Leeds and back.

Starting at Anderton Marina and finishing at Anderton Marina with overnight stops at : Lymm Visitor Moorings, Trencherfield Mill Arm, Walton Summit Branch Junction, Burnley Wharf, Site of Former Railway Bridge No 151B, Milking Hall Swing Bridge No 184, Kirkstall Pipe Bridge, Rodley Water Pipe Crossing Bridge, Milking Hall Swing Bridge No 184, Foulridge Tunnel (Southwest end), Grimshaw Park Bridge No 101, Junction with former Moss Hall and Ince Hall Collieries Branch, Timperley Bridge No 33, and Anderton Second Pipe Bridge. A total distance of 277 miles, 4 flg and 180 locks.

Again some of the overnight stops are best guesses based on what is in the log.

We hired again from Anderton Marina, a slightly bigger boat this time named Paul Nash 1:

  1. All the Anderton boats were named after painters and their pump out boat was called Two-Loos Lautrec.