1. An Autum Jaunt into Wales (The 'We have a boat and we're damned well going to use it' trip)
  2. A leisurely two week trip (Two weeks in September with friends)
  3. Spring Shakedown (First outing of the year.)
  4. September 2018 (Our now traditional September boating holiday)
  5. A long weekend to Wheelock (Michael's Birthday Cruise)
  6. Into the West (A trip to Llangollen)
  7. Weekend of the Boating Dead (A long weekend going nowhere in particular)
  8. There and Sandbach.... (A long weekend visting some pubs....)
  9. The Shirley M Atty Memorial Cruise (An Autumn Trip to Liverpool and it's docks - in memory of mum)
  10. A Mayday Weekend Jaunt (A long weekend investigating some pubs)
  11. Any Wich way you can (Another September trip with various friends)
  12. One if by land, and two if by sea (There and Back Again... a planned trip to Boston)
  13. Four Counties and the Black Country (A long week cruise with several friends)
  14. Mum's Birthday (A trip to Anderton and back)

Older trips on Mintball can be found on the Older Trips page

Holidays on boats before we had Mintball built can be found on the Before Mintball page