To Nantwich in the rain

From Wheelock Visitor Moorings to Nantwich Visitor Moorings (south), a distance of 19 miles, 7½ flg and 9 locks.

It was another pretty grey and overcast day when we got up and oddly enough no-one else seemed to be thinking of moving, and it wasn’t long before it started raining again and so we made our way slowly back to Middlewich Junction and back onto the Middlewich Branch.

There was no sign of anything wrong at the River Wheelock Aqueduct and it came as a complete surprise to hear a few days later that there had been a major breach of the canal which closed it until the end of year.

From time to time the rain would stop and the sun would try to come out before the rain came lashing back in.  Although there aren’t many locks on the Middlewich branch they are all rather exposed so when the rain comes sweeping in there isn’t really anywhere to hide

But slowly the weather got better and by the time we chugged through Nantwich it wasn’t that bad. We moored up and walked down into the town for some beers and a curry.

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