September Trip Plan

This is the trip that the crew of the Mintball are planning for the last full week in September of this year:

Starting at Ladybird Moorings and finishing at Ladybird Moorings with overnight stops at : The Badger Inn, Turnover Bridge No 132, Upper Burston Bridge No 86, Plough Bridge No 83, Symphony Court Footbridge, Coalbourne Brook Bridge, Compton Bridge No 59, and Goldstone Wharf. A total distance of 165 miles, 3 flg and 172 locks.

Some of the days are a bit long and on a couple of days we’ll be slightly short of crew but we’re confident that we should be able to do it. Apart from the first two nights and possibly the last the rest of the overnights are provisional and subject to change without notice.

We’re planning on using the Canalplan Plugin for WordPress and the Wordbooker Plugin for WordPress to allow us to do a blog entry for each day and to post it up onto Facebook.

So if you see Mintball on the move during that time then one of us is going to be on board so feel free to say Hi, and if you like… buy us a beer or two!

Here’s a set of links to the blog entries for each day of the trip :

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