Is it time for another wich inspired title?

From Lymm Visitor Moorings to Newton Brewery Inn, a distance of 27 miles, 2¼ flg and 2 locks.

It wasn’t the best of weather when we started off but it actually managed to get a little worse as the day went on which given how the weather had been recently shouldn’t have surprised us one little bit.

There were boats moving round at Stockton Quay Bridge No 15 – including a couple of days boats : I guess if you’ve booked a boat you have to take it no matter how foul the weather gets. I hope they’d stocked up on tea and coffee because they were going to need it!

But apart from that flurry of activity the canal was, once again, pretty much deserted, not even the fishermen were out, and once again Daresbury seemed to be abandoned with not even any lights on.

The towpath at Preston Brook Tunnel (northern entrance) was turning into a quagmire and it actually was nice to get into the tunnel and away from the damp.

The rain had backed off a little by the time we exited the tunnel but it was still a pretty miserable day and the run along the side of the Weaver Valley wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

After mooring we ate on board and then went and did a small pub crawl round Middlewich.

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