Back to the Moorings

From Gnosall Visitor Moorings (south) to Ladybird Moorings, a distance of 14 miles, flg and 5 locks.

There was a faint smell of woodsmoke and sulphur when we cast off the next morning – its something that you just associate with boating at this time of year and its actually quite enjoyable in small doses

As usual the canal was very quiet and it was even quiet at Norbury Junction which is quite unusual. We made very quick progress through Grub Street Cutting and across Shebdon Embankment .  For once the weather was kind to us as we made our way along the exposed section of the canal round Soudley Bridge No 50 and it wasn’t long before we dived into the dark green tunnel of Woodseaves Cutting .

We made pretty good time down the locks and got back to the moorings just in time for brunch

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