Historic holiday logs

Clearing out our parents house after our mothers death we have collected together all the “canal logs” that she kept, dating right back to our first trip on a boat from Anderton Marina : we were going to go up the Llangollen but we found out when we’d already headed off in that direction that the canal was closed and we ended up doing Heartbreak Hill and Bosley locks instead.

We are planning on OCR’ing them, scanning in the various diagrams and extra bits from the logs themselves (such as fliers, licences, permits etc), and scanning relevant photos from their prints and then loading them up onto here as a permanent archive.

Rather than clutter up the existing Trips section we’re planning on creating two new trip pages – one for “historic” logs for trips taken on Mintball and one for trips taken on boats before we got Mintball. The Canalplan Plugin has already been modified to support this feature and we’ll probably start on the scanning and conversion work in December.

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