Liverpool and Back

This is the planned route but it may well change closer to the time, or even during the holiday as the timing are very easy and we know we’ll be able to do a lot more than this during the two weeks.

Starting at Ladybird Moorings and finishing at Ladybird Moorings with overnight stops at : Prescott Bridge Narrows No 10, Willow Green Bridge No 208, Grocer's Wharf, Henhurst Bridge No 52, Chapel Bridge No 7, Lydiate Winding Hole, Salthouse Dock, Salthouse Dock, Halsall Warehouse Bridge No 25, Parbold Bridge No 37D, Worsley Visitor Moorings, Dutton Stop Lock No 76, Middlewich Visitor Moorings (Middlewich Branch), Wrenbury Church Visitor Moorings, and Ladybird Moorings. A total distance of 270 miles, 5¼ flg and 122 locks.

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