The way back home.

From Audlem Visitor Moorings (above wharf) to Ladybird Moorings, a distance of 5 miles, 5½ flg and 16 locks.

There was a bit of a scramble of boats setting off from the moorings and we were in a queue of boats going up the locks – but they were, for the most part, moderately quick and efficient and we never really had to wait long at any of the locks.

The pound between Audlem Top Lock No 13 and Adderley Bottom Lock No 12 isn’t the longest pound in the world but it seems to do a good job of spreading boats out so that the queues going up Adderley aren’t ever really very long – but the speed of the locks vary wildly so sometimes you end up sitting round for a bit in the middle of the flight.

We got back to the moorings, ate, packed, tidied up the boat and headed off home.

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