Back to Drayton

From Gnosall Visitor Moorings to Ladybird Moorings, a distance of 13 miles, 7 flg and 5 locks.

It was cool again when we got up on Sunday morning and once again we pretty much had the canal to ourselves as we headed back to the moorings. Things were pretty quiet at Norbury Junction but I’m quite sure that behind the scenes in the cafe things were already ramping up.

We got to the top of Tyrley Locks and there seemed to be some boats moving round but no-one seemed to be really sure what they were doing, so we held back for a few minutes until people actually worked out what they were doing.

Progress down the locks wasn’t as fast as it could have been as there were some boats coming up who, although they were private boats, didn’t really seem to know how to work locks or lock wheel.

Below the locks all was quiet again and we turned in the winding hole and then backed into the mooring.

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