Nantwich or Bust!

From Ladybird Moorings to Nantwich Visitor Moorings (north), a distance of 11 miles, 7 flg and 22 locks.

Kathy and I had come up the night before and had grabbed supper at The Talbot and had basically got everything ready so that when the rest of the crew arrived we could just load their stuff into the boat and get going.

I was surprised how many boats there were sitting on the moorings and the marina car park was strangely quiet. I had a bit of run in with someone in the estate who objected to me parking my car on the road, “people off boats aren’t allowed to park in the estate”. He seems to have problems with the moorings and the boaters, but frankly if he has problems with them then why did he ever buy a house there, its not like he didn’t know the boats were there when he put the offer in.

Our plan for the day was to get to somewhere near Nantwich, its not an impossible run but it does have Audlem in the middle of it which can be a bit of a bottle neck.

The weather was rather mixed, and it was setting the tone for the whole holiday really. Some sunshine, some cloud, a bit of a gusty wind and that terrible situation where its almost warm enough not to wear a jacket.

Audlem was pretty painless with only a few minor niggles and we got through in a reasonable, but not earth shattering, time.

We went slowly over Nantwich Aqueduct  so that Katherine and Francis could see the cars on the road below us and we crawled past the visitor moorings and eventually found a spot up towards Nantwich Junction Bridge No 92  where we could moor up for the night.

Being Nantwich, Nick and I decided to head into town for a couple of beers and, as usual, Nantwich was full of its usual collection of wannabee WAGs and noise. But we found our way to a good pub and worked our way along the pumps as we discussed a few things we wanted to do on the boat and we found out about a new brewery which didn’t change our plans for overnight stops but definitely firmed them up. Town was a little quieter as we wandered back to the embankment and all the boats were in darkness as we walked back along the towpath.

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