Back at “Home”

Well the BSS work was finally complete (See Steve’s Blog for more info ) so today we headed up to Norbury Junction to pick up the boat and return it to its moorings at Market Drayton .It was nice to see some sun and to be back on the canals. There was a moderate amount of traffic but not what you’d expect for this time of year. Most of the traffic seemed to be heading to the Wharf Tavern at Goldstone Bridge No 55 and if we hadn’t had plans to be elsewhere we might have joined them.Even Tyrley locks were quiet and we arrived in Market Drayton about 4 hours after we left Norbury.The boat now has new gas lockers and a new alternator setup which hopefully wont eat belts every few weeks. Apart from a minor incident involving an insecure weedhatch (I really must ask Simon at Norbury about that) it was a very pleasant day out and made a change from live in Cheltenham

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