Up the locks for the first time

From Stanthorne Lock No 3 to Lawton Moorings, a distance of 11 miles, 4¾ flg and 21 locks.

Reached King’s Lock and rejoined Trent and Mersey.Headed South. Watered at Wheelock Wharf. Michael hit head on bridge 139 (Cherry Lane Bridge No 139 ). Played Cluedo at night.

NOTE : There is no indication of where we stopped for the night so the overnight here is an approximate guess.

A Change of Plans

From Middlewich Visitor Moorings (main line) to Stanthorne Lock No 3, a distance of 22 miles, 2½ flg and 9 locks.

Boys up early and out exploring. Brought back some teasles. Went through locks onto Middlewich branch of Shropshire Union to Hurleston Junction. Llangollen canal closed due to a lock collapse, tunnel 1 closed on route south, so big conference on what to do. Turned back. Pouring with rain, bought kagoules and waterproof trousers at Venetian Marina, boys stayed on deck and steered all the way back to Stenthorne Look and loved it. Moored for night.

  1. Harecastle

Cautious progress to Middlewich

From Anderton Marina to Middlewich Visitor Moorings (main line), a distance of 9 miles, 4¼ flg and 1 lock.

Left Anderton Marina after conducted tour of boat and crash course in boat handling, mooring etc.

Went round a few corners then practiced mooring so we could have a cup of tea 1. Reached Middlewich Big Lock No 75 where Reg from boat yard had said he might be to help us through, but no sign of him so muddled through 2 then moored for the night.

  1. It never occurred to us at the time that unlike a car or a caravan you didn’t need to moor up to make a cup of tea!
  2. There were no instructions on the boat so we had to work everything out for ourselves as there was no-one around…

Our First Canal Holiday

Our first canal holiday happened after we’d had several poor holidays by the seaside… one day we were walking along the canal bank near Arley Bridge No 64 and we got talking and so a week long holiday was booked as a trial.

Starting at Anderton Marina and finishing at Anderton Marina with overnight stops at : Middlewich Visitor Moorings (main line), Stanthorne Lock No 3, Lawton Moorings, Bosley Top Lock No 1, Bosley Bottom Lock No 12, Rode Heath Bridge No 141, and Croxton Lane Bridge No 173. A total distance of 104 miles, 5¾ flg and 104 locks.

We had planned to do the Llangollen Canal but we found when we got there that it was closed and so had to make alternative plans….

The details in these entries is minimal… hey I was 13 years old…. what more can I say. Mum made some changes when she typed things up several years later but left out some important details … like exactly where we stopped each night. So some of the overnight stops might not be quite right.

The boat we hired was “Sutherland” from Masterfleet at Anderton Marina:

Layout of Sutherland
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